School Rules and Guidelines

School-wide Guidelines

Follow directions of all school personnel the first time given.

  • Show respect to all school personnel and fellow students.
  • Swearing, teasing, menacing gestures and put-downs are not acceptable.
  • Tell an adult now about unsafe actions or behavior.
  • Telephones are to be used only with a telephone pass.
  • School property and equipment must be used properly/safely.
  • Use the designated entrances and exits as assigned.

Playground Guidelines

Follow school-wide rules.

  • Stay in assigned areas; use playground equipment safely. Do not leave the playground.
  • NO food or drinks on the playground
  • Rocks, snow, ice or other potentially unsafe objects should remain on the ground—not thrown or kicked.
  • Bullying, fear-producing behavior is not acceptable. Everyone feels safe.
  • No physical contact, play-fighting or rough, aggressive behavior.
  • Must have playground pass to come in during recess.
  • Stop playing when the bell rings. Enter the building quietly.

Hallway/Restroom Guidelines

  • Follow school-wide rules.
  • Walk in the hallways and restrooms.
  • Use hall passes except when purchasing lunch tickets.
  • Use the restrooms appropriately. Use quiet voices.

Lunchroom Guidelines

  • Follow school-wide rules.
  • Speak in a soft voice.
  • Do not throw food.
  • Clean your space when finished eating and wait to be dismissed.

After School Guidelines

Bus Students

  • Line up backpacks along fence (K-3).
  • Play until whistle is blown, then line up to get on the bus.

Non-Bus Students

  • Non-bus students are picked up at the east side of the building.
  • Stay inside the fence until picked up by parent.
  • Do not run into the parking lot. Wait until your parents’ car is stopped and it is safe to go to the car.
  • Re-enter building with a pass.