Vision Statement

“Education lays the foundation for a child’s success.”

Mission Statement

“We, the staff and parents of Jim Darcy School believe each student belongs and has a right to be safe, respected and successful. We create a caring place where students maximize their unique talents and capabilities on a life-long learning journey.”

Jim Darcy School Staff Belief Statements

  • Students: The students should feel safe, respected and celebrated. The students need a variety of materials and opportunities to explore, discover and learn at their own pace.
  • Staff: The staff teaches, supports and values the whole child—academic, social, physical and emotional. The staff builds a joy of learning and creates a positive educational setting.
  • Parents: The parents and community provide children with the environment and support system necessary to encourage lifelong learning. The parents and community volunteer time and energy to enhance student success.

Lunch & Recess Schedule

K  LUNCH (11:00-11:20)

3 LUNCH/ K,1 RECESS (11:20-11:40)

1,5 LUNCH/2,3,4 RECESS (11:40-12:00)

2,4 LUNCH/5 RECESS (12:00-12:20)