Library newsletter


Welcome to the library for 2020-2021!¬† Like everything else, library looks a little different this year.¬† We still have over 10,000 physical books but now we also have Sora by Overdrive, which is an online library of e-books and audiobooks.¬† It gives us access to the Montana Libraries¬†To¬†Go and thousands of titles are at your fingertips!¬† If you haven‚Äôt already, please¬†get¬†in and take a look…..¬† you can download the app to any device and switch between them without losing your place!¬† Links and directions will be posted on the Jim Darcy website.¬†

Student check out will be very different.¬† All students will still get books each week, but now they will go into the Follett Destiny (library) catalog.¬† If the teacher uses¬†Clever¬†they will click on the icon and be signed in, if not the sign in information is below.¬† Once they are in¬†Destiny¬†they place the book or books they want on hold and then I deliver them to their classroom or locker.¬† I will pick up library books in the classroom each morning, then check them in and put them in quarantine.¬† I am planning to do Group A Check in on Monday and Group A Check out and delivery on Tuesday.¬† DLI check in and check out will be Wednesday from 8-10 in the cafeteria.¬† Group B will have check in on Thursday and have Check out and delivery on Friday. We may adjust as I see how it works….everything¬†is trial and error right now!¬† Kindergarten and first graders will have a menu with¬†pictures¬†and they will circle what types of books they want, then choose¬†off of¬†the menu again the next week, after they have returned their book.¬† We will be teaching the lower grades to place holds and if you would like your student to have a specific book, you can either get¬†in¬† the¬†catalog to place the hold or send me an email.¬† I also made a Google form for check out that students can fill out to get books.¬†¬†Library form¬†

A tutorial with step by step directions will be on the website.  Here is how to get into the catalog:  You can log in with Clever or go to the Jim Darcy website and click on the library catalog link:  Once you are in there, the Username: 1st initial and last name …  ie: agondeiro and Password: student ID number six digits, 123456.  Then look through the catalog or enter titles in the search box.  Once you find a book you want, click on it and if you are signed in, a hold button appears with a favorite button beneath it.  Click the hold and it will be delivered to you!  If your student is a DLI student, the books they choose will be available for pick up on Wednesdays in the cafeteria on a library cart in a brown paper bag with their name on it.   There will also be a book return bin in the cafeteria for returns. 

To get into our Sora App, click this link:

You can also get to it through the library catalog, the library website or through Clever.  To sign in, use the same sign as Destiny: first initial, last name for user name and ID number for your password!

If anyone has trouble or needs me to place holds for you, email me at  Also, the Lewis and Clark library will have the bookmobile at Jim Darcy every other Wednesday, so see the website for details!