Return your Library Books!

Update:  Mrs. Thompson has agreed to put my book return out beside the bench by entry 1 from 11-1 today,  Thursday, June 11th.    If this doesn’t work, email me and we can figure something out.  Have a marvelous summer!!

Last chance to return your library books!  I will be at the school Tuesday, June 9th from 11-3 and the lovely Mrs. Stevens said she would be there that evening  from 5:30 to 7.  I will also be there Wednesday, June 10 from 11-2.  I put the metal book return box out beside the bench by entry 1.  You don’t need to talk to anyone, you can just leave the books in that box.  We can see the box on the cameras so we know the books are safe.  I will get them checked in and quarantined right away!  Wednesday I will mark any unreturned books lost and the cost of the books will appear as a fine.  If you find the book, please return it and we remove the fine…we would always rather have the book!