Mike Carella

    MUSIC PROGRESS REPORT                            

2nd Quarter, 2016 – 2017                        

 Second Quarter music instruction focused on our Holiday Performance. As we rehearsed for our performance, we worked on vocal techniques. We study proper breathing and the muscles that are involved. We also study how to relax tense muscles that interfere with tone production. The jaw, neck and shoulder muscles are of primary importance. We also practice vowel formation, consonant diction and tone production. Proper sound production is essential to protect developing vocal cords from damage such as the development of vocal nodes.

We also work on expression, movement and riser choreography. We learned pertinent cultural, geographical, historical and linguistic information about the songs.  All classes learned holiday songs celebrating Christmas, Hannukah and Winter.

This year we were able to put together a 4th/5th grade performance of several holiday songs in a medley. The students sang in parts broken into 3 separate groups.

In January all students celebrated the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with song. We studied a few African American Spirituals in connection with the Civil Rights Movement. Dr. King used lyrics from the song America in his famous speech titled I Have a Dream.  He ended the speech with the words from the African American Spiritual Free at Last.

All grade levels continue to work on the Helena Public Schools Curriculum for Music Education. We stress note values from whole through sixteenth notes. We are also learning the letter names on the treble staff. Our main goal is to prepare students for participation in band, choir, and orchestra and to foster a lifetime appreciation of music.

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